Perkins Day | Rigorous, smart and efficient! — Witness the elegance of Perkins Wuxi factory



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Perkins 소식

Perkins Day | Rigorous, smart and efficient! — Witness the elegance of Perkins Wuxi factory

On April 23, 2019, Vega Power organized some of its parts customers and Vega Power’s parts sales team to visit the Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. plant in Wuxi, China. Perkins has more than 85 years of hist

On April 23, 2019, Vega Power organized some of its parts customers and Vega Power’s parts sales team to visit the Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. plant in Wuxi, China. Perkins has more than 85 years of history and is one of the world's leading suppliers of diesel and gas engines. Its goal is to set excellent engineering standards, provide the most comprehensive innovative and reliable power solutions, and tailor customers to their exact requirements. .

Perkins Wuxi Plant is located in Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It is a highly automated manufacturing plant with an engine R&D center. The total plant area is over 50,000 square meters and the total annual output is over 70,000 engines. There are more than 500 Perkins colleagues working here. There are two production lines in the factory, mainly with 400 and 1100 series engines.

When I got off the bus, I saw three striking name plaques erected at the entrance of the company-"Wuxi Perkins Small Engine Co., Ltd." "Perkins" "Wuxi Perkins Power System Technology Co., Ltd.", accompanied by high The five high flags (Perkins, UK, China, USA, CAT) fluttered in the wind, and the scene was very magnificent.

——The conspicuous company plaque logo, bright and orderly factory distribution guidelines, clean and comfortable environmental roads, and friendly and polite Perkins employees are the first impressions of Perkins Wuxi factory.

During this visit, we learned and felt a lot about the rigorous and meticulous, intelligent technology and people-oriented working attitude and working style of the Perkins factory. Here, I will introduce to you the "Four Dais, Three Meetings, Two Views and One Culture" of our trip .

  • Four wear:

Safety awareness always occupies an important position in the Perkins Wuxi factory, so four items must be worn before visiting the production area of ​​the factory: safety shoe covers, protective glasses, insulating gloves and radio headphones. Don't want to wear it? Sorry, you are definitely not allowed to enter.

  • Three sessions:

In addition to a comprehensive and in-depth visit to the production plant of the 1100 series engine, we also held three meetings in the meeting room of the Wuxi factory.

1. Perkins brand and global aftermarket strategy conference;

2. Perkins local model and technical support meeting;

3. Weijia Power Parts Aftermarket Conference.

At the conference, we are honored to invite Perkins North Asia Parts Manager Rachel Chen and Perkins Asia Pacific Product Support Manager Mr. Heaton Wang to discuss Perkins brand introduction, trademark usage, parts global strategy, Perkins Wuxi factory model cases and technical support, etc. Share and exchange content with us. Then the after-sales manager of Weijia Power also discussed the development and planning of the current parts market with the parts customers and sales representatives present.



(Live meeting)


  • Two views

Production is divided into two parts: inside and outside. The outer area is the engine exhibition hall. As soon as we saw the engine, the professional cells of our customers and parts colleagues immediately became excited, and immediately looked at the content of the introduction and studied each other's engine architecture. The 1104 and 1106 engines, mainly the 1100 series, are neatly placed on the exhibition hall, accompanied by engine descriptions, which can help visitors to more clearly understand the structure and performance of the 1100 series engines.

The internal area is the 1100 series engine production plant. The factory area strictly implements the 5S standard management: clean, tidy and orderly. Perkins also thoughtfully arranged two excellent colleagues for us to explain the work-Tony Li, the production manager of the 1100 series factory, and Jack Li, the production supervisor. We became two teams to visit the production lines of the 40-cylinder block and the 60-cylinder block respectively. Invest tens of millions of funds to purchase the world's leading mechanical/electronic automation equipment. 90% of the processes on the assembly line are completed by mechanical and electronic automation, 10% of the processes are completed manually, and 10% of the manual completed parts are also executed under electronic monitoring and analysis. Prevent errors and ensure that the error rate of the assembly process is zero. According to the assembly process requirements, from the manual installation of engine body parts, to the fully intelligent manipulator installation and recording parameters, and then through the intelligent equipment inspection, enter the engine test operation, and then to the anti-rust and painting treatment, and finally inspect and leave the factory.

Throughout the visit and learning process, people felt that the details of the installation and management of the Perkins factory, the introduction of smart technology equipment, and the innovative strength of technology research and development, etc. were striving to be accurate and check-up!

(The screenshot is from the official video of Perkins)

  • One culture

People-oriented management culture. When visiting the factory, you will see a lot of public announcements: monthly selection of outstanding employees, exclusive opinion columns, and cultural corridors of employee activities to encourage everyone to make continuous progress, encourage timely solutions to problems found, and enhance employee unity and cohesion. No matter from entering the factory certificate registration consultation, or the factory restaurant dining line, Perkins colleagues always give answers with the most cordial and comfortable smile. The factory always cares about employees and puts people first, and employees always stick to their positions and integrate into the team. This is the most harmonious and strong management culture.

Spring warms the earth, everything is restored! In this most beautiful season, we visited Perkins China's most powerful Wuxi factory and felt the meticulous management of safety, precision, technology, and humanities. Our distribution customers also expressed their heartfelt sigh after visiting: meticulous and effective management will definitely achieve 1+1>2. Only by carefully controlling the quality and paying attention to the continuous technological innovation of the engine and spare parts can the market demand , The customer's approval!

The Vega Power team will sincerely and wholeheartedly provide every customer with high-quality services and solutions!