bauma Exhibition | Perkins' five new engines showcase the four-stage upgrade strategy for China's non-road



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bauma Exhibition | Perkins' five new engines showcase the four-stage upgrade strategy for China's non-road

The 2018 Shanghai bauma exhibition is scheduled to be held on November 27-30, 2018. Perkins will bring five new engines to the show. Visitors to the Perkins booth will be able to learn first-hand how

The 2018 Shanghai bauma exhibition is scheduled to be held on November 27-30, 2018. Perkins will bring five new engines to the show.

Visitors to the Perkins booth will be able to learn first-hand how the British engine manufacturer is using its extensive experience in responding to emission reduction requirements in major markets around the world to provide support to Chinese customers and help them better prepare for the future China's non-road national four emission standards implemented in 2020.

"The National IV standard is China's first non-road equipment emission standard involving the use of post-processing technology. For OEMs, this will be a big change," said Tommy Quan, Director of Perkins Asia Sales and Distribution. . "However, if the OEM can make appropriate plans and select an experienced partner like Perkins, I believe the upgrade process can be smooth and unimpeded. Perkins has accumulated extensive experience in the development of the last two generations of low-emission technologies. We have contributed more than 50 Thousands of non-road equipment provide engines and aftertreatment solutions, and the total operating hours of these engines have accumulated more than 500 million hours."

“It’s very important that we can’t just think about simply adding a little technology to the original National III engine, such as post-processing technology, to achieve the new standard. When designing the National IV engine, different technologies need to be integrated with each other. Play a role to create the best solution. Only by adopting such a response method can it be possible to achieve the reliability required by our OEM customers.” Tommy added.

To comply with the new limits of China's non-road national four standards, manufacturers will have to adopt different technologies in different power ranges. This means that there will be no single "ideal solution". For example, a technology that meets the requirements of 50kW equipment will not be able to meet the requirements of 150kW, and 250kW equipment will require another solution. Perkins will provide a variety of different engines within the power range covered by the National Four Standards, and the technology used includes electronic control, common rail injection system, advanced turbocharging, selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) and diesel particulate Filter (DPF).

These technologies were applied to five new engine models to be unveiled at the Perkins booth. The characteristics of these models are as follows:

(Perkins 403EA-17)

This 3-cylinder 1.7L engine has a simple and highly reliable design, and does not need to be equipped with after-treatment devices; the power can reach up to 26kW and the torque can reach up to 106Nm. This engine is very popular in the European micro-excavator market and is also an ideal solution for China's growing small machinery segment.

(Perkins Syncro 3.6 litre)

This 4-cylinder 3.6L Perkins® Syncro engine is the latest member of the product line, with power and torque up to 75kW and 430Nm, respectively. This engine not only has extremely low operating noise, but also successfully achieves high power density by combining with a fast-response "smart" turbocharger, which can meet the needs of many compact and small-to-medium-sized equipment and become a replacement for larger-sized engines. The best choice.

(Perkins 1204EA-E44TTA)

This 4-cylinder 4.4L engine adopts common rail fuel injection technology and is equipped with tandem twin turbochargers, so it has an excellent power density; the power is 140kW and the torque is 825Nm. It is the American four that Perkins has long been welcomed by customers. A new design based on the evolution of the European-class and EU five-stage engines. This model is an ideal solution for OEMs who focus on designing smaller equipment or need to upgrade their existing products to non-road national four standards.

(Perkins 2406EA-E13TA)

This 6-cylinder 13L engine is a brand-new engine platform for the first time to land in the Chinese market; the power can reach up to 430kW and the torque can reach 2,634Nm. It is the best choice for all kinds of medium-sized machinery seeking strong power.

(Perkins 2806EA-E18TA)

The power and torque of this 6-cylinder 18L engine can reach 470kW and 2953Nm respectively. This type of engine is designed to meet the power needs of main engine factories and end users who use large-scale mining and engineering equipment in terms of production efficiency.

Perkins has made major commitments to the Chinese market over the years. In addition to investing heavily in the construction of the Wuxi Engine Industrial Park and introducing the most advanced production equipment and processes, Perkins has also continued to invest in many other areas. Perkins has a resident design and application engineer team, dedicated sales and marketing team, and a strong agent network in China. As one of Perkins agents in China, Vega Power has been committed to cooperating with Perkins to fully meet the needs of Chinese OEMs and end users.

"The above-mentioned engines fully illustrate the breadth of Perkins' engine product lineup, covering a range from 0.5 to 18L and a power from 8 to over 450kW," said Kelly Chen, Perkins Technical Marketing Manager in Shanghai. "These engines can not only meet current and future emission standards, such as China's non-road national four standards, but also have excellent power density, which can help OEMs reduce the size of their equipment, while having great flexibility to install suitable rear Processing components.

"Chinese customers continue to pursue higher quality. Perkins expects that this demand will continue to increase with the implementation of the non-road national four standards. To ensure that they can produce highly reliable products, OEMs will need to choose a company that has high-quality engines manufactured in China. Suppliers. Perkins is very proud of being able to continuously improve engine reliability over the years while meeting China’s continuously upgraded emission standards. We look forward to working with Chinese customers to overcome the challenges of non-road country IV standards."