Perkins provides new power solutions for the telecommunications industry



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Perkins provides new power solutions for the telecommunications industry

Trevor Toulson, Director of Perkins Power Generation Business Strategy, described how the expanded lineup of 400 series engines supports the growing telecom industry.

Trevor Toulson, Director of Perkins Power Generation Business Strategy, described how the expanded lineup of 400 series engines supports the growing telecom industry.


Q: Please introduce Perkins' positioning in the global telecommunications market?

Trevor Toulson:

Perkins is one of the world's leading engine manufacturers and a market leader in non-road diesel and natural gas engines with a power of 4 to 2000 kW. Over the years, Perkins has been committed to supporting the telecommunications industry. The powerful lineupof 400 series engines developed by its sub-Chongbowincludes a large number of compact and highly reliable engine models, which are especially suitable for driving small engine groups, even if they are often faced with harsh and remote working environments.

Q: Can you reveal how Perkins Power Solutions supports the industry? What measures does the company take to minimize the number of visits by maintenance personnel and the amount of maintenance required?

Trevor Toulson:

Customers who choose Perkins engines will surely obtain the highest quality and most reliable products with stable performance. Our engines can help telecom service operators save and operate costs. They also have extremely low fuel consumption and high durability, and can be operated in any region .

Perkins new program developed for the telecommunications industry, its core product is the 400 series engine, based on the members of the team expanded, adding two models designed for variable speed engine generator sets used , sub-office is 1.5 liters and 2.2 liters With these models, Perkins will become the ideal partner for telecom customers.

We can now provide constant-speed and variable-speed engines with a displacement of 0.5 to 2.2 liters that can meet the requirements of all major power points in the range of 5-40kVA .

We clearly understand the operating characteristics of the telecommunications industry, and we also know that telecommunications companies in different regions have different requirements. At present, telecommunications customers tend to focus on controlling operating expenditures, and therefore increasingly demand reductions in the operating costs of telecommunications towers. In this regard, we are actively studying the extension of engine maintenance intervals in order to take an important step in helping customers achieve cost savings.

We also know that regulators around the world require the telecommunications industry to minimize the environmental impact of their operations. We support these long-term goals and are therefore committed to providing hybrid power generation solutions . These schemes are not only suitable for hybrid generator sets equipped with only batteries, but also support the combined operation of batteries and solar energy. These programs can directly help our customers comply with local regulations no matter where they operate.

Q: What are the advantages of Perkins compared to other engine manufacturers?

Trevor Toulson:

Perkins has a complete product lineup, with its diesel engines up to 2500kVA and gas engines up to 1000kWE (common power) .

Stable performance, highly reliable and cost-effective engines are necessities in the power generation equipment market. The Perkins R&D team has a wealth of professional knowledge, and its design goal has remained unchanged for many years. It is to always put two products in the first place, with long service life and rapid response. No matter in any harsh public environment or location, it can run continuously for thousands Hours without downtime.

After thousands of hours of actual operation, these engines have long proven their 100% trustworthy superior performance and have also won the favor of many discerning power suppliers. Every Perkins engine that leaves the factory can get services from Perkins' global product support network. A global network of more than 100 Perkins agents covers more than 180 countries and regions around the world. If power generation equipment manufacturers require absolutely reliable, cost-effective and superior performance engines, I believe that Perkins is an inevitable choice for today and in the future.

We, Vega Power, continue to uphold Perkins' development direction in China, and provide our OEM customers with the highest quality, latest and most professional technical support and after-sales service.