Perkins Wuxi actively promotes production localization



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Perkins Wuxi actively promotes production localization

  In July this year, the 1106 series of power generators officially rolled off the assembly line in Wuxi. The new production line uses the latest and most advanced manufacturing equipment and processe

  In July this year, the 1106 series of power generators officially rolled off the assembly line in Wuxi. The new production line uses the latest and most advanced manufacturing equipment and processes to ensure the supply of the highest quality engines. From the moment each engine is assembled, there is a series of systems and control measures to provide the operator with all necessary information and instructions to ensure that each engine is fully assembled in accordance with the specifications required by the customer.

  The experience in all aspects of quality absorbed from other Perkins plants around the world can be reflected in Wuxi Engine Industrial Park. Through production execution systems, defect-free advancement concepts, and verification in the manufacturing process, the engines assembled here and those produced in Peterborough, UK and Griffin in North America have undergone the same strict quality control procedures.

  However, the quality of the product not only depends on the system used, but the key lies in the employees responsible for production. The quality of Wuxi personnel has been unanimously affirmed by Perkins executives. The factory works closely with Wuxi Automotive Engineering School every year to let them help recruit new employees. Applicants are required to attend a four-week induction course in Perkins, and finally undergo a rigorous test, complete the dismantling within a limited time, and then reinstall an engine. The successful candidates proved that they all really knew the engine well.

  It is the full integration of this system and technology that makes Wuxi Engine Industrial Park not only a manufacturing base, but also the most effective promotional material for Perkins' business in China. Now more than 100 people visit this facility every week, including customers, suppliers, and internal employees from other parts of Perkins. They are all very impressed by the facility when they leave the industrial park.

  The industrial park has worked hard to establish a culture of continuous pursuit of improvement. The employees are convinced that there are many opportunities for improvement, and they must always be prepared to meet the ever-increasing requirements of customers in terms of quality, delivery time and cost. By embedding six sigma management concepts into process, systems, products and services. Always pursue perfection and exceed customer expectations.

  It is estimated that by 2015, the output of the 1106 series production line will reach more than 130,000 engines. Together with the two original production lines of 400 and 1104, the total output of the entire Wuxi Industrial Park will reach 160,000. This is equivalent to 30% of the total global production of these three Perkins series engines. This layout is based on the forecast that the demand here in China will continue to rise.

  This will also have a positive impact on the local job market in Wuxi. The industrial park now employs about 300 employees, but it is estimated that it will increase to nearly 700 by 2015.

  At the same time, it will gradually localize the supply of more components to help achieve the aforementioned production targets. If calculated by the value of the components, the 1106 engines of each model will eventually reach 85% of the components are supplied by local suppliers. Perkins will increase its efforts to identify local suppliers and help them establish an efficient and high-level production system.