Perkins sincerely cooperates with customers to prepare for China's non-road national four emission standards



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Perkins sincerely cooperates with customers to prepare for China's non-road national four emission standards

China's non-road national four emission standards are expected to be implemented on December 1, 2020, and the implementation objects are all non-road mobile machinery. To meet this new standard, Perki

  China's non-road national four emission standards are expected to be implemented on December 1, 2020, and the implementation objects are all non-road mobile machinery. To meet this new standard, Perkins has stepped up collaboration activities with its OEM customers.

  The non-road National IV emission standards introduced this time put forward requirements for after-treatment of the engines used in non-road mobile machinery used in China for the first time.

  "For Chinese OEMs, the new emission standards are undoubtedly a major change, but through reasonable planning and cooperation with experienced engine companies (such as Perkins), the OEMs should be able to smoothly transition." Perkins Asia Sales and Said Tommy Quan, Director of Distribution.

  Perkins has a history of more than 87 years. The company has successfully launched products that meet a variety of emission standards in the European Union and the United States, and has prepared for China's non-road country IV emission standards. Moreover, Perkins exhibited five engines at the 2018 China International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Equipment Expo (BaumaChina), which have been specially designed to meet the new standards.



Perkins 1200 Series


  In order to comply with China's non-road national four standards, manufacturers will adopt different post-processing emission control technologies according to different power range ranges. In this demanding market, no "perfect solution" can solve all problems. For example, a technology suitable for 50 kW may be different from a technology suitable for 150 kW, but different from a technology suitable for 250 kW. Perkins will apply different technologies across the entire range for different engines. These technologies include electronic control, common rail fuel system, advanced turbocharging, selective catalytic reduction (SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction) and diesel particulate filter (DPF, Diesel). Particulate Filter).

  "It is very important not to think that this is simply adding post-processing technology to the existing Chinese non-road country three engines," Tommy said. "In order to ensure that OEMs can have efficient, durable and fuel-efficient machines, it is necessary to design and integrate multiple different technologies to provide appropriate solutions."

  Perkins has extensive experience in the production and delivery of low-emission engines and compact aftertreatment technologies, and has accumulated approximately 1.3 billion hours of non-road application practical experience in the use of DPF technology required by Euro IV and the US EPA Tier 4 Final.

  Perkins will provide customers with a variety of engines that meet China's non-road country IV emission standards, with displacements ranging from 0.7 to 18 liters and a maximum power output of 470 kW. In addition to complying with emission standards, the new engine series also provides OEMs with significant performance advantages, including higher power density and torque, enabling them to provide higher power and flexibility for their machines in a compact installation size Install the after-treatment components on or near the engine.

Perkins 1700 Series


  "We have great confidence in the performance and durability of our non-road national four emission standard engine. The engine will also use patented aftertreatment technology and DPF non-inductive regeneration technology to strive to improve the productivity of OEM equipment," Tommy said .

  Globally, emission standards are becoming increasingly complex. OEMs hope to sell machines in multiple regions to maintain business stability and achieve growth, but the cost of designing different models for each region will undoubtedly affect the sustainable development of the business. For OEMs wishing to achieve both domestic and export business growth, an important factor worth considering is that all 0.7 to 18 liter engines that Perkins provides to customers that meet China’s non-road country IV emission standards have been designed as modular products . Therefore, engines with different emission standards and fuel specifications can use the same installation method, and the key is that the engine performance and integration of the whole machine are also consistent, so OEMs can use a single model design to meet all emission requirements, thereby saving money and engineering time.

Perkins 2500 Series


  "For 87 years, we have been manufacturing engines for construction, agricultural and industrial machines, and the total number has exceeded 21 million," said Jaz Gill, Perkins vice president of global sales, marketing, service and parts. "We are all real experts in non-road applications, knowing how real machines work under harsh conditions. All of our technologies have been carefully designed, and practice has proven that they can withstand many of the high temperatures that may be encountered on construction sites or in the field. High vibration and high load."

  He continued: "In addition, we have been working closely with Chinese OEMs for nearly 15 years, and they continue to require us to provide high-quality products. This will still not change during the implementation phase of China’s non-road country IV emission standards. To ensure that it has a reliable model. The OEM needs to select an engine supplier who is responsible for designing, manufacturing and maintaining the engine to meet high quality standards.

  "We know that we have an experienced team to manufacture and integrate these optimized engines. These engines use mature technology and compact after-treatment devices. Moreover, Foshan Sime Darby Vega Power Equipment Co., Ltd. covers 18 provinces in China. /Special Economic Zone, we will be able to provide services and continuous support for this latest generation of engines."